Outing Information

Riverside specializes in group outings, both for corporate and charitable organizations and for out-of-cartsarea golf groups. We do everything for you: organize the event, assist in the selection of hole contests and prizes, prepare pairing sheets, print customized cart signs and scorecards, complete all scoring and assist with prize selection, provide all food and beverage arrangements and treat every participant like they are our only customer. No wonder Riverside is selected to host over 50 major outings and more than 120 group golf events each year.

As you can see, golf outings are a specialty of Riverside and we take pride in making every one as great as it can be. So, why trust your outing to a place that does a few each year when Riverside can accommodate your needs at a price you can afford.

For more information, please call our General Manager at (814) 398-4692.